Funds Transfer


Q:  How can I transfer funds between my Kaw Valley State Bank accounts?

A:  We have several convenient ways for you to access your accounts.  During regular business hours, you can transfer funds in person or by calling one of our three branches.

For 24 hour service, you can use log on to our Internet Banking service on this website or call TeleServ, our bank by phone service.

Q:  Can I transfer funds to make a payment on my Kaw Valley State Bank loan?

A:  Yes, you have the same options for loans as you do for regular transfers.  The process is described in the previous question.

Q:  How do I transfer funds to another financial institution?

A: The easiest way for you to transfer funds to another institution is by signing up for our ePay$ service. To access ePay$, log in to your Internet Banking account and select ePay$ from the Transfer tab. Then click on the Manage Accounts and People tab to set up your account information at the receiving institution.