Home Loan Application Checklist



-          Current Bank Statements for all checking and savings accounts


-          Current Paystubs - must show one full months income and YTD income


-          Last two years W-2 statements


-          Complete Sales Contract must include property legal description & realtor property listing sheet if possible


-          Complete Uniform Residential Loan Application & KVSB Supplemental Information Application


-          Copy of all borrowers Drivers Licenses or other picture ID


*** If rental or self employed income is to be counted you must provide your last two years complete Federal Tax Returns***



 FHA Loan Application will also require the following:


-          Copy of both borrowers Social Security Cards



VA Loan Applications will also require the following:


-          Certificates of Eligibility, DD214 or Statement of Service



Construction Loans will also require the following:


-          Plans for house


-          Cost breakdown or contract


-          Deed, Contract, or HUD-1 for purchase of land


-          HOW Warranty Plan if over 90% loan to value



Refinance Transactions will also require the following:


-          Title Insurance or Abstract


-          Survey of property


-          Homeowners Insurance Policy


-     Current mortgage loan statement