Heritage Club

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Founded in 1995, Kaw Valley State Bank’s Heritage Club was organized with three main objectives in mind – Social Activities, Club Travel, and Financial Benefits.  Over the years, our members have traveled many miles, enjoyed great entertainment, and a variety of activities.  The most important aspect of our group is you, our member.  We’d love to have you!

Membership Benefits

  • FREE 1 Box Of Wallet Club Checks Each Calendar Year
  • FREE Simply Success With Paper Statements
  • FREE Personal Money Orders
  • FREE Visa Check Card
  • FREE Trust Consultations
  • No Annual Fee Credit Card
  • Monthly Activities
  • Exciting Club Travel
  • Semi-Monthly Newsletters
  • Rewards Classic Card
  • Refer A Friend Rewards
  • Annual Safe Deosit Box Discount


Joining is easy!  All you need is a $1500 minimum balance in one of our success checking accounts or savings account, or $5000 Certificate of Deposit, or $15.00 per month fee. (Joint account qualifies both husband and wife.)